Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Couple Teeny Stash-Busters

In the spirit of nibbling down my stash in 2007, here are a couple quick and useful projects constructed entirely of stash yarn:

This is my version of the Magknits pattern "New York Hat", using some kiwi coloured llama yarn that I've had for a couple of years, plus some leftover cream coloured mohair that was left over from a baby sweater. No pictures of me modelling it. I did snap a few shots, but let's just say that it's late in the evening here, I'm fighting a cold and losing and I didn't bother to dab on any lipstick today. Not a fortuitous combination for successful headshots!

This is another Magknits hat, "Odessa", but in an adult size this time. It's made from a ball (well, maybe two-thirds of a ball) of wool/alpaca blend that Angela gifted to our SNB last Christmas...Christmas 2005. Again, no modelling pictures, but when I tried it on, Clare asked me if I was wearing a hairnet. Guess rusty brown wasn't a perfect choice for a snug-fitting hat with my auburn hair!

So, not to brag or anything, but it's January 3rd and my stash is lighter by 4 skeins! (Hey, you don't count partial skeins...right?)

You have been warned Stash of Doom... 2007 is NOT your year!


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