Monday, December 18, 2006

Tag...I'm It!

Rochelle tagged me with a meme...I'm not gonna pass it on, but if you're interested, consider yourself tagged!

Six weird things about me...

I'm not weird at all, but since weird is subjective, I offer for your consideration:

1) I used to curl quite regularly and rather proficiently. For Non-Canucks reading this blog, I'm referring to this sport FWIW, there are close to one million curlers in Canada.

2) I wasn't always a redhead, I used to be blonde, very blonde, embarrassingly blonde. Yup, that's me on the right. Hey, it was the Eighties.

3) Speaking of "that's me on the right"...I really never got the hang of this "right/left" stuff. I always have to think about which is which and generally rely on that trick of forming an L with the fingers of your left hand. When I took the test for my driver's license, the examiner asked me to make a right hand turn. I maneuvered into the left hand lane, signaled left and and made a competent left-hand turn. Afterwards the examiner told me that he had wanted me to turn right. I asked him why he didn't say something when I moved into the left lane. He replied that he wanted to see if I would attempt a right hand turn from that position! (has happened before) Anyway, not knowing left from right isn't a "failable" error and I passed my test!

4) I believe that I was eight years old before I could tie my own shoes. In other respects I was a pretty average kid, even a fairly proficient student, but tying shoes was just beyond me. Strange when one considers my current fascination with bits of knotted and looped string. (I'll have to mention that one to my therapist, could be significant! LOL)

5) I only drink soda when it is flat. In order to accomplish this, I have been known to dilute soda with lukewarm tap water before consuming it. (DH insists that this fact is less WEIRD than GROSS, but over near-20 years, he's gotten used to it.)

6) After first date with DH, I told a dorm-mate that I had met the man I was going to marry. DH however, put up a valiant fight and remained a bachelor for another 5+ years. Which answers that age old question by proving that the Immovable Object is no match for the Irresistible Force.


At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joseph is 12 and he can't tie his shoes either. That's mostly my fault. I didn't have patience when he was younger to sit as he tried to get it. I've already said he WILL learn over Christmas break. I'm tired of having to tie his shoes.


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