Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm Sure This Would Seem Pretty...

If it wasn't my "day out".

The kids are in school all day (usually I have a couple of them home at lunch, or pop by the school to help out/supervise at lunchtime) and I figured I'd run some errands.

Looks like I've got some shoveling ahead of me before I get anywhere!

Haley and the girls are thrilled though. The snow is fluffy and perfect for packing, throwing and snowman-making. It's just barely freezing, so if I can clear the bulk of the snow away from the driveway and walk, it should melt a bit this afternoon without icing up.

On the knitting front, Gilly's Toggle Coat continues slowly. It's knit on big enough needles (6.5 mm) so that it knits fairly quickly, but contstantly comparing my progress to the dismembered template sweater and tweaking as I go is tedious.

I've started another project in the meantime. Seriously, I needed something a bit more mindless for TV watching. Heck, with this nasty cold that I'm nursing I'm having trouble memorizing 4 stitch repeats, so simple is good!

Vogue Knitting Winter 2002 featured an Adrienne Vittadini Eyelet Yoke Sweater that I've been tempted by since the magazine came out. I've had the yarn in my stash for almost as long and I finally knit some gauge swatches. Funny, the sweater isn't that tricky, but I've always had an excuse to not start it. (Sorry, can't find a picture of it anywhere and my scanner is FUBAR) Modifications so far (and I am only on the 10th row)...I'm converting the pattern to circulars (avoids a bit of seaming, at least as far up as the raglan seams and it means full rounds of knit stitch rather than purl...good for the brain-weary).

Well, back to the snow in the driveway...


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