Sunday, July 08, 2007

Groundhog Day! Not

Last week Gillian started a summer school program offered by our school board. (only mornings and only part of July...she will definitely have some "slack time" this summer). Of course I had reservations about the program and Gillian's participation (would she like it, would the staff be able to accomodate her needs)...but things have been fabulous. The staff is wonderful, caring and friendly and they schedule really fun crafts and summer play for the kids. Gilly will be able to maintain a bit of a routine about going to school, riding a bus, being with kids and adults other than parents and sisters..(cuz with autistic kids, the LAST thing you want to do is futz with a routine that is working for you!) but she is enjoying stimulating and fun activities at the same time!

Oh, the groundhogs...they live at Gilly's summer school. Seriously, the little nutters dug a den on the front lawn of the school, right next to the parking crescent where the school buses load and unload. To call them "tame" would be an understatement.

Chez Chelle, we have been working on spiffing the laundry/mudroom. I'm using the royal "we" here...DH has been doing most of the painting, retiling, closet installing and general heavy lifting. I've been relegated to selecting colours and criticizing workmanship. Haley, as seen above has been trim-painting with her head.

The Leaf Sweater is soaking in preparations for blocking and seaming, so I am left with nothing on the needles right now. It's too hot to think about any sort of Aran, cotton denim or Philosopher's Wool.

For lighter, summer knitting, I'm thinking about the Josephine Top from Interweave Knits

Very cute, and I have some variegated Crazy Cotton in a fabulous taupe/bronze/teal colourway that I'm hoping will work. I'm a bit concerned about using a multi-toned yarn for an eyelet pattern, but the yarn is lovely and I cannot justify buying more mercerized cotton with all that I have in the stash. So, I'm swatching away. As usual, the required 3.75 mm needles are a bit large and using 3.5 mm needles is a bit too small. Anyone got a pair of 3.625 mms in their stash that I can borrow?

I also like this top (Sleeveless Tuxedo Top) from the same issue, but as DH has so heartlessly pointed out, my upper arms may no longer be one of my best features (were they ever?)

I love the bib front detail and I love the Louet Sales Euroflax Linen that it calls for, but I don't have enough of it on hand to whip it up. I might try a swatch using some fine mercerized cotton that I have on hand...batwing upper arms be damned.

Enjoy your weekend!


At 2:11 PM, Blogger Ruinwen said...

Haley is so cute. :)

Both tops are really sweet. Each has its own individual charm. :)

Sorry I have no needles in that size. :(


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