Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's Not the Heat....It's the Stupidity...

It must be the heat, or maybe giddiness at the prospect of wearing down my unenviable stash, but I was so enraptured with the idea of knitting this lovely Josphine Top from Interweave Knits out of some fabulous Crazy Cotton that I've had on hand for a couple years, that I never stopped to consider...

What is the point of knitting 300 stitch rounds of eyelet pattern in a VARIEGATED yarn?

A complete waste of a lovely pattern and an equally lovely yarn. Let's not even consider how many hours of labour get thrown into the mix. I will continue knitting the top. At this point, it's worth continuing just to find out how it fits.

The leaf sweater is fully blocked and awaiting seaming. Yup, that impasse again. I prefer to seam things during the day with fresh eyes and full sunlight on my side, but homelife hasn't permitted that this week.

Things have been pretty busy ...Ellery is in Rock and Roll camp (don't's 10 year olds handling electric guitars for the first time), Clare is persuing her green belt at a half day martial arts camp and packing in a few extra swimming lessons and Gilly has been briefly sidelined with a nasty summer cold. Mom's taxi and catering service continues at full speed.

Hopefully a finished object next the meantime I'm slogging away at Josephine and considering my next project. The lovely tuxedo shirt could be made from stash (always a plus), but the Nashua Surplice is fabulous. The real life examples knit by the ladies on Ravelry look great too. It's another plus when design theory, professional models and stylists and the reality of knitting real, wearable garments merge.

Well, off to swimming lessons!

BTW, apologies to the ladies of SNB last night...I'm congenitally unable to pronounce "variegated" without adding an extra syllable...or two. Scusi.


At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Renee Shannon said...

Hi Chelle!
FWIW, a friend in my SNB knit that Nashua top in Jaeger trinity and it is fabulous! And if you are looking for Trinity...check out my store at


At 2:53 PM, Blogger Ruinwen said...

Sorry that the yarn and pattern didn't mesh...but it still might surprise you. I covet that Nashua... :)


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