Monday, April 30, 2007

Finished Object Alert

In the midst of everything else, I did manage to squeak out a finished object that also counts as a stash-reduction project.

Behold my neighbour Sheila sporting Vogue Knitting Summer 2007 Eyelet Cardigan from the Paper Chase Series. It's made from KOS a peculiar, slinky terry-like yarn that is very soft...and coincidentally, Sheila's colour!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Knitter's Frolic & Frivolity & Tummy Flu....I know...TMI

Too much information...

I wish it had been just Knitter's Frolic and Frivolity...

I hadn't planned on getting out to the DKC Knitter's Frolic this year (in fairness, I miss it for one reason or another every year), but despite our super-busy weekend crammed full of swimming lessons, fish painting and martial arts demonstrations, by early afternoon all the other members of my family wanted to do was sit on the couch under blankets and stare feebly at the television.

Ok, if I was a caring mum, I would have taken this as a sign that something bad was going to happen imminently, but since DH was home, I figured that Cinderella had a small window of opportunity to get to the Ball!

Fortunately, I arrived close to the end of the day and only had time for a few purchases. I did manage to run into Rochelle from my SNB as well as Wannietta and the infamous Yarn Harlot.

See, photographic proof...

FWIW, Stephanie and I are WAY HOTTER in person.

I did purchase yarn despite needing it like a hole in the head (see sidebar stash picture), but it was Philosopher's Yarn to knit an Aran sweater for DH that he requested more than a year ago, so it doesn't count as a purchase, right? (YarnDAL rules?)

I also picked up some super-cute kitty buttons that Clare will adore and a computer mouse pad decorated with sheep. (you have to return with something for the kids when you are gone more than a hour on the weekend)

Most importantly, I made it home for the puking. Ellery, my oldest, held off until I got home. Such thoughtfulness! Anyway, it's likely a minor tummy bug, since we are all slightly under the weather, but of course I will watch them all carefully.

Hope you all are having a healthier weekend!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Earth Day

No knitting, but check out the Earth Day collages that the girls and I made up for the lunchroom at school.

I'm gonna get such a great mark in Grade 4 civics this go round!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Quick Update...

Remember this...(Bailey, our backyard neighbour)

Well over the last couple months, she turned into this...

Who, in an effort to get to know Haley...did this...

Good thing I like dogs.

Oh, here is Clare's finished sweater. Lucky thing I snapped this photo. On her second wearing of the sweater, Clare put her elbow down into a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce. (don't ask) I'll let you know how the merino washes up.

I'm tinkering with something from the current issue of Vogue Knitting and will post more when I have something to show!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Veris Horribilis

Without dragging down the tone of what is supposed to be a frivolous blog about my adventures as a tricoteuse, allow me to reveal that it has been a horrible spring (Veris Horribilis) Chez Chelle. No death or dismemberment, just unceasing waves of small to mid-sized crises affecting me, DH, the kids, the dog, my family and seems that no one I care about has been spared.

But I am convinced that since today is Friday the 13th and nothing bad has happened so far, that things are finally turning around for us Chez Chelle!

Fortunately, my knitting has for the most part been spared by the plague. Here is Clare's "Theresa" wrap cardigan from Debbie Bliss' Junior Knits

I'm not too keen on the ribbon ties used in the pattern and have to figure out some button alternatives for Clarebear.

This is the Adrienne Vittadini Eyelet Yoke Sweater from Vogue Knitting a couple of seasons ago. I converted the collar into more of a turtleneck than the pattern suggested and am generally pleased with the results except for the nasty tendency of the lower edge to curl. It's been blocked and pressed gently, but it still resists lying flat.

A kind-hearted SNB member suggested that "it really doesn't look like it isn't supposed to look like that"...but then again, she is kind-hearted. Apologies, once again, I'm using the floor as a model. I'm lousy at the mirror/photo thing and haven't yet taught the kids how to take snaps that keep the garment in the frame, while avoiding panoramic views of my nostrils.

Oh yeah and another minor burr under my saddle this week...

This is the before picture. The handle broke off from the lid of my stock pot, which doubles as the cover for my frying pan and deep casserole pan. Ratfeathers.

Here's the funny part. They don't make my style of cookware anymore. Fancy that, discontinued after only 20 years. That's the part I find funny. More than 20 years ago, DH declared his honourable intentions through the gifting of durable housewares. It gets me to pondering...How did so much time pass without me noticing ...and how do I solder a pan lid handle back on to the lid?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Making of The Stash Picture

Thanks for all the comments about the Stash on the Stairs Picture. I'm honoured, I think.

Anyway, nothing like this happens in a vacuum, so I would like to thank my technical staff, Clare and Ellery for their invaluable assistance. Gilly, wisely, refused to participate. Haley merely observed.