Monday, March 31, 2008

Not April Fool's Day...but my Stash

Once again, in all its glory or horror. Click HERE for a larger pic!

I will point out that there are a few more bare spots and less spillage at the bottom of the stairs than in previous years (see Stash Pics on the sidebar), so in absolute terms, the stash is shrinking.

Our claim to fame this year was that the kids and I arranged the yarn for the picture during "Earth Hour", so we worked by the light of candles and crank flashlights only. Definitely not for the feint of heart. Luckily we are an experienced team of yarn wranglers!

Oh, the other thing to notice...DH finally got around to staining the handrail to match the floor (queue sad little "carpet matching the drapes" joke here). Our hallway may finally be finished!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Finally Some Knitting Pics

All WIP, nothing finished yet, but at least my near three weeks of sickpup tending has given me an opportunity to catalog some progress (if not actually create much progress).

Here is the mosaic baby blanket. It is slow as molasses to knit and at the end of the day, I'm afraid it greatly resembles a really fancy dishtowel. Hopefully some elaborate edging will lessen the kitchen-y appearance!

The Central Park Hoodie...sleeves completed, but not yet attached. I'm down to the edging and seaming, so it's pretty near completion.

And this, the beginnings of the mohair cardigan for Ellery. I think I get bonus points for knitting this under adverse conditions. I cast on for the back ruffle (400+ stitches) in a moving car while DH drove the pups and I for yet another visit to the pediatrician. (I'm so sorry I no longer own stock in pharmaceutical kids are drinking antibiotics as if they were Kool-Aid) The rest of the ribbing I knit in a movie theatre. C'mon, dark movie theatre, plum coloured mohair's a bit impressive.

About the movie, E and C were feeling better and getting a bit stir-crazy after being cooped up for all of March Break, so I took them (and a couple friends) to see Horton Hears a Who. In fairness, it was more watchable than many of the films that I have taken the girls to over the years, but I always bring my knitting as a precaution.

Gillian is a few days behind her sisters in the microbial attack. She stayed home, watching TV in mum and dad's room with her dog.

FWIW, Back to School Monday is only 59 hours away.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gratuitous Kidpix only post...

We have a scanner. Well, we've always had a scanner, but the old scanner was so old that it was only compatible with Windows 95. nuff said...

Anyway, here are the girls' school pictures from this year.

Ellery...for the record, has since trimmed her ends to remove the peroxide from last summer...


and Clare...

And for reference...last year's photos



and Ellery

Thursday, March 06, 2008

We Almost Made It...

Through the winter without major pup illness...

But no...

Gillian was home for two days last week with a mystery something and Clare started complaining that she didn't feel well last Saturday. She has been living on the couch, not eating and barely drinking fluids since then.

Ellery, out of solidarity, left school early yesterday claiming illness. Since Elle has missed Hot Chocolate Day and a School Dance, I'm inclined to believe that she is also genuinely unwell. I am spending my time fluffing pillows and forcing juices down small gullets and not doing much knitting.

Since Clare has been coughing herself silly for 5 days now, I figured it was time to see the pediatrician (antibiotics and cough suppressant were her recommendations) and since we were in the neighbourhood, I stopped by Haley's Knitomatic to pick up some extra yarn for the baby blanket project. Clare, being under the weather and all, scored this:

Which would make a perfect convalescing hobby if only I could help her get started...oh well, I'll figure it out tonight while she is in bed and we'll try again tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to putting all the sickies to bed tonight and sitting down with a cold "adult beverage" and my new fave snack food...

wasabi peas!

Completely delicious...crunchy, salty and a delightful horseradishy-burn that sears your sinuses! Now, if they were only calorie-free they'd be perfect!